Pavtube ByteCopy

Record films with multiple subtitle and audio tracks


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Pavtube ByteCopy is a practical app that lets you create videos on Blu-Ray or DVD with multiple audio and subtitle tracks. It's a great solution for making copies of your videos without losing quality while adding different audio tracks.

This app can record in MP4, MOV, MPEG, AVI, MMV, or any other format supported by consoles or smartphones, among many others. It also supports HD, 3D, and editing software like Adobe Premiere.

Pavtube ByteCopy can convert your videos to any format you need, while retaining the MKV extension for the different audio files. With this app, you can also encode different language tracks and even 5.1 surround sound – all so you can enjoy the movies you like with the audio and subtitles you want, something particularly useful if you're learning a new language.

Pavtube ByteCopy also comes with a simple editor you can use to crop, merge, add effects, and modify the subtitles in your videos.
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